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Before you get started, read this!



Take a second to read the short list of tips before starting the loan application!  Trust us, it'll save you a LOT of time!



5 Quick Tips Before Applying (this will easily save you 10 minutes!):


DON'T Get Slowed Down By Questions You Don't Have The Answers To Yet!

When you go to complete our online application, it's going to ask you questions about the home you're looking to purchase. Things like the property address, type of loan, actual down payment, purchase price, etc. For now, just answer the questions with estimates (for property address: "1234 TBD Street" would be perfect!). Just get us the basics to get started, we can fill in the blanks later on!


DO Complete A Full Two Year Work History!

It's important that we have a full two year work history for you. If you're not certain on the addresses or phone numbers, don't worry. We can go through and update it later. For now, we just need to know (1) Where you worked, (2) When you worked there and (3) What you did while working there!


DON'T Worry About Including Your Account Numbers

Please don't get caught up in the details of entering account numbers for your bank accounts. We just need to know what banks you bank with and what the balances (roughly) in those accounts are. We'll complete the other details later on in the process.


DO Complete A Full Two Year Address History!

It's important that we have a full two year history of where you've lived. If you're just shy of 2 years at your current home, please add the home prior as well.


DON'T Worry About Listing Off Your Monthly Expenses!

Since a part of the application process is pulling credit, don't worry about listing the details of your monthly expenses on the loan application. The only exception to this would be things like child support or alimony. Everything else is handled with the rest of the application process. No need to spend a lot of time on this part of the application.

Now, you're ready!  Click "Apply Now" to get started!

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